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  • Gavin Rushnell

Daily Update: 2/18/2020

KR Reyk....

Orlando played in an open door friendly with an Icelandic team whose name I don't feel like trying to spell at the moment. We won 3-1 with two goals from Nani and one from Benji. Can we just talk about how prolific Nani has been this preseason? I don't know if it's down to him being more in shape than the opposition or something else but he has really started off with a bang. I believe he scored in Mexico, he scored against Montreal, and now he's scored two tonight. Maybe this is a strategy from Pareja; get our best player in front of the goal as many times as possible. If so, it's working. I wasn't at the game and wasn't able to watch it (if there was a stream up) so I don't really have any other thoughts.

Florinel Coman (orlando_central)

It looks like our offer for Florinel Coman of $7.6 million and 60% of any future sale was rejected. The deal was reportedly structured as $7.6 million to the club, $1.05 million to the agent, and $1.05 million to the player, which is where yesterday's report got the $9.7 million figure. Right now, the deal looks like it is off. I guess that means we should see some reports of our next target over the next day or so. Whether that is Alvaro Garcia or someone else, we will see.

'Til next time, this has been Gavin Rushnell and #VamosOrlando

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