I'm Gavin. I created what is now Lionsblog in June 2019. The blog and podcast has had its fruitful spells, as well as its barren ones, but it is something I am extremely proud of. If you like the tactical and analytical side of soccer (as well as Orlando City), then this site is for you. I hope you enjoy the content and thank you for your support.

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My Story

A little background on myself. I was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida. Growing up, I played many sports but it was soccer that I fell in love with. I was lucky enough to play competitive soccer from the youth level of u6 all the way through u18 at various clubs in Brevard County. Around the age of 10, I mistakenly decided to fall in love with Arsenal FC in England and have been supporting from afar ever since. After a couple years of long-distance support, I started craving the desire to support a more travel-friendly club.

Luckily for me, Orlando City SC was soon announced as MLS' 21st club. With Brazilian legend Kaka coming to the club, my interest in the club had peaked. I had been to a couple USL games but it was the move to MLS that really got me engaged in the team. Ever since then, I've been a passionate supporter who has always wanted to have my thoughts on the team heard, hence the blog and podcast were born.

I just want to finish this off by expressing my gratitude to all my supporters. I've met so many great people because of this and I truly appreciate those of you who have given me this platform. Please please please feel free to reach out to me if you need anything at all. Thank you.