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Daily Update: 1/13/2020

What. A. Day. I have SO MUCH news to cover. This is going to take me an hour to write but man is it worth it. Let's look at what happened on a busy Monday.

Junior Urso (@OrlandoCitySC)

Orlando finally came out and announced Junior "Bear" Urso. That seems to be his new nickname by the way. It looks like the financials are similar to Carlos' as we also will either have to buy him down or assign him as a DP. That was expected though as his transfer fee alone was reported to be just under $1,000,000. Urso has already been given the number 11 shirt and is the first new player to have received his shirt number.

MLS Superdraft Rounds 3 and 4 (@MLS)

Orlando City selected former Orlando City Developmental Academy product, Nick O'Callaghan, as our 3rd round pick. He is a defender who will most likely see time at OCB this season. Welcome to the team, Nick! As for the 4th round, we passed on our pick unsurprisingly.

Orlando City Receive $100,000 GAM from LAFC (@OrlandoCitySC)

Orlando City received the $100k in GAM from LAFC due to us owning the discovery rights for their new player Jhon Cifuentes. We discovered him, therefore we get some money should another team sign him, which is exactly what happened here. This money will go towards buying down players in our squad so it is an important and underrated move by our front office. My confidence in them continues to grow.

Alex Castro (@VBarCaracol)

A VERY reliable source when it comes to Colombian players has stated that Orlando City has offered very good money to sign Alex Castro from Deportivo Cali. Castro is currently seen as one of the best LW in the Colombian league and the fee to get him would be north of $1.5 million dollars. Other reports have been sprinkled around about Castro regarding a potential move to MLS with @johnhernandezc saying his future could be in the MLS and @ArcosJD90 saying that the player would command a very high salary. The only disappointing news comes from @alexisnoticias who says that the President of Deportivo Cali wants him to stay and renew his contract. My assumption is that if we do land him, we would have a fluid front three with Castro, Dom (or Tesho), and Nani rotating through the RW, ST, and LW positions. Now THAT would be fun to watch.

Make sure to keep up to date with everything Orlando City is doing EVERY DAY by following me on Twitter since that is where I post the link to the daily blog. Thanks for the continued support everyone.

'Til next time, this has been Gavin Rushnell and #VamosOrlando.

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