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  • Gavin Rushnell

Battle of the Blogs Ep 1: Chants

Here it is! Episode 1 of the Battle of the Blogs series we've decided to do. When I say we, I of course mean @TheEnglishLion1, @OrlandoFanNI, and @Orlando_CityUK.

In this first challenge, we decided to compete to see who could create the best chant for a randomly selected player on the current Orlando City roster in under one hour. The player that was randomly generated was our Swedish CB Robin Jansson. We each had a crack at creating a chant. Check out the results down below and make sure to vote here for your favorite chant.


I guess I should go first. My chant is a rework of a South Park song that I had stuck in my head at the time of the competition. It's about Hanukkah. I'll leave it at that. Here are the lyrics:

We have a centerback, he comes from Trollhattan,

His name is Robin Jansson, and he is big and brawn!

He worked in a factory, he used to make horseshoes,

Now he's our defender, you know you won't breakthrough,

OH Robin Robin Jansson, you're our heart and soul

Robin Robin Jansson, you will protect our goal!

Northern Ireland Orlando City Fan

Next up, we have the man from Northern Ireland. His chant is to the tune of the famous La Bamba song. Here are the lyrics:

We’ve got a Defender called Jansson

He comes from Sweden

He’ll knock your head in

Jansson oh Jansson

Robin Jansson, Robin Jansson

The English Lion

He went for a longer but fitting chant for our Swedish CB. Set to the tune of a parody of a song for Thor: Ragnarok, The English Lion has gone for these lyrics:

(here's the song to show you how it should sound)

This is the team Robin gathered up,

We need to stop that Ragnarok,

We're gonna raise our Jansson up,

We need to stop that Ragnarok.

We fight for the land like Jansson does,

A battle with us won't do you any good,

We're seeing the flames consume our world,

We're not about to watch it burn,

With one swing Robin will take you down,

Exploria is our sacred ground.

Fighting for our very lives,

Miami tellin' hella lies

Jansson is down to ride,

it’s going down tonight...


-chant, then repeat

Orlando City UK

OCUK went for a very traditional song by picking "I Love You Baby" by Frank Sinatra. Here's the chant lyrics:

We Love You Jansson,

Because You’ve Got Blonde Hair

We Love You Jansson,

Because You Just Don’t Care

We Love You Jansson,

Purple Through And Through

As I said before, make sure to head to HERE to cast your vote for your favorite chant. I hope you all enjoyed a bit of fun content. We have more planned so keep your eyes peeled.

'Til next time, this has been Gain Rushnell and #VamosOrlando

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