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Player Salaries Breakdown

Don't get used to this 3 posts in 1 day thing, I am quite busy with school and work ya know. But relish it while it's here. This is the 2nd of the 3 posts, and I will be discussing the picture going around the internet today of our player's salaries for this year. Here's the list down below:


I will be going through every player and talking about what they bring to the table and if they deserve to be on that salary or not. To clarify, I will be using the right side of the list, which is the after bonuses section, to see the max a player could get this year. Remember, all of this is my opinion and you are more than welcome to have your own. Let's begin:

Danilo Acosta: $110,000 - For a bench player on loan from a different club, I have no problem with him getting this amount of money. He is a good squad player and if Moutinho were to go down injured, it wouldn't be the end of the world to have him start the remainder of the season.

Tesho Akindele: $150,000 - Quality job here by our front office. Our hard working forward who has 5 goals to his name is signed on for a low salary compared to the rest of the team.

Carlos Ascues: $451,500 - I personally thought Ascues was going to have a bigger impact on the team than he has in his stay in Orlando. He's a quality player and can do a job when asked of him. The only thing keeping him out of the starting lineup is the newfound chemistry between the back 4 as well as the midfield plus his recent injury. The rumors of him going back to his club have died down and after seeing his salary, for what we're getting out of him, I wish we would've sent him back and got another squad player on less money.

Josue Colman: $450,000 - I have no idea if this is what we are paying him during the duration of his loan or if this is what we were going to pay him in total, loan or not. I'm gonna go with the former because I assume we are paying some of his wages and since he's a DP, I feel he should be earning more money because of that designation. Does he deserve that much money, NO. He hasn't been used and I am not surprised that we looked to offload him since we aren't getting anything out of that salary and that DP designation. In my opinion, teams should have all 3 DPs on the field in almost all games if they want to make the playoffs, so good business by the club.

Pierre Da Silva: $70,248 - Again, no idea if this is his full wage or the portion we are paying him for his loan. I'm gonna side the same way as I did last time and say this is just a portion. He looks like a player who could be a good squad player in the future and whatever he is on, it can't be much more than this so it's not a bad wage for me.

Alex De John: $146,614 - Again, great business by the team to get a player of his quality at such a low price. One of the better defender's at the club and is really helping in the fact that he creates competition among the defense. If Sane or Jansson slip up for a game or two, they will know that De John is there to take their spot in the starting 11. I can see him getting more minutes in the first team once he's fully off his injury.

Dom Dwyer: $1,503,333 - Oh Dom, you have been overpaid. I'm sorry but it's true. I know a part of his big salary is due to his advertisement ability and social media following, but on the field he has been woeful. And not just this season. Last season few seem to recognize that he missed over 12 one-on-one chances with the goalie. That means he is behind the defense and the only thing stopping him from a goal is the goalkeeper. He missed over 12 last season. Think about that and how much he's getting paid. He played his best for us during that spell where he and Larin played together and on that 6 game win streak last season. Other than that, it's been disappointing.

Adam Grinwis: $70,875 - No problems with this whatsoever. Another goalie to create competition is fine with me on this salary.

Cristian Higuita: $611,663 - A little over a month ago, I would've said sell him now because he's being overpaid to not be used. Now since he's being used, NO WAY IN HELL should we sell him. One of our most consistent performers and loyal players. This wage is fine with me.

Robin Jansson: $289,800 - Seeing this makes me so much more confident in the club. A European, starting caliber center back at this money is great business. Well done.

Jhegson Mendez: $486,750 - Pretty good price for someone who has started almost all of our games. One of our most underrated players this season, he does all the dirty work along with Will, so no problems here.

Will Johnson: $491,004 - Will is finally showing us what we were looking for when we acquired him 3 years ago, before the last 2 and 1/2 months I would've been pissed at the salary, especially with Jansson on much lower, but he has found his place in this team under JOC and has proved me wrong. I'm good with this as long as the performances remain.

Sacha Kljestan: $1,100,000 - Would you all like to answer this for me? Well and truly overpaid for what he's done/doing for the team. No wonder we are trying to ship him out. Some of this could be because we paid him out with TAM money (still not 100% on how TAM works) in order to get Nani as a DP but even then, it's a lot for someone who hasn't done much in his time in Orlando.

Cam Lindley: $98,906 - Assuming this is the portion we are paying while he's on loan, this is fine with me as he seems to be developing quite nicely in Memphis. Hopefully he gets more playtime next season.

Benji Michel: $116,250 - This is a little much for a rookie who hasn't done anything for the team but he is one to watch for the near future of the club so I won't fuss.

Kamal Miller: $56,250 - Seeing Benji who is on double what Kamal is while Kamal has more minutes and also looks very promising is worrying, but in terms of the deal from the club's perspective, this is great as we have a contributing player on the cheap. More good business.

Joao Moutinho: $203,000 - The former 1st overall draft pick on this much money is fine with me. He has been fantastic this season and has paired nicely with fellow Portuguese player Nani.

Chris Mueller: $109,375 - He works his ass off every game and is loved by the fans. Has stepped up this season and is doing it on the cheap. This one's another good one for me.

Nani: $2,486,250 - A world class player who is leading this team by example and experience. Our captain deserves every penny and I have no problems about this.

Shane O'Neill: $139,500 - Our problem child of the early season is getting paid similar to all the other squad players and I don't mind it at all.

Santiago Patino: $76,781 - Our first round draft pick is on a pretty low wage comparatively speaking and is one for the near future. Very good deal here.

Dillon Powers: $200,000 - Not happy with this one. He is a good squad player but he never plays. Quite literally gets less than 5 appearances a season. We could get a much more usable squad player at this price. Shit, why didn't we keep that Tommy Madden kid and develop him and save this money if we weren't gonna play him. He brings competition I guess but this money could be used more wisely.

Greg Ranjitsingh: $70,250 - Would take this any day of the week. Looked very assured of himself against Seattle and made some quality saves. Only thing keeping him out of the squad is Rowe's experience and overall good play.

Oriol Rosell: $522,500 - Seeing as he came back from Europe after succeeding in the MLS, I'm not surprised his wage is so high. It also doesn't bother me. I've been happy with his performances this season and he is ready to step in whenever one of our new midfield pairing start to have bad performances (AKA more competition).

Brian Rowe: $98,000 - What a diamond in the rough. Our front office has really impressed me recently and seeing this low of wages for a keeper with the 8th most saves and a higher save percentage than Tim Howard, Tim Melia, Sean Johnson, and Nick Rimando must be applauded. Well done.

Lamine Sane: $950,000 - Again, coming from Europe has definitely inflated his price. Unfortunately, he hasn't lived up to the billing. You'd think his experience with a team such as Wolfsburg would translate well in the MLS but it hasn't so far. To be fair his injuries did not help him last season and he has stepped up his game recently. If he continues in this vane with new partner Robin Jansson, then these wages will be a little bit more justified. I'm gonna go with a too high for right now, but if he consistently performs in the coming months, then this amount is okay for me.

Kyle Smith: $70,250 - A player who, in my opinion, gets a ton of unjustified hate. He is a quality defensive minded right back. The way we play, we need offense from our wing backs, but it is no mistake that he seems to come on late in every game when we need some defensive solidarity. Great pickup on the cheap.

Mason Stajduhar: $70,875 - Our cancer defeating goalkeeper is currently on loan, but it looks like we are probably paying all of his wages, as I can't see him on any more than this. If he is, then that would be a bit questionable due to him being our 4th string goalie at the moment. If not, then this is fine with me.

Ruan Teixeira: $160,000 - The best for last. Our fan favorite right back is being underpaid. From the clubs perspective, amazing business. When it was announced that we were signing him, I had a gut feeling he would do good for us and boy was I right (thank God). He works his ass off week in week out and we need to sign him to a new contract as soon as possible.


Alright guys, that about wraps it up. 23 of the 29 salaries were acceptable to me. Let me know your thoughts on the salaries down below. Do you agree with me on all of them or do you have some disagreements? I would love to hear your thoughts.

'Til next time, this has been Gavin Rushnell and #VamosOrlando

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