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  • Gavin Rushnell

MLS Suspended Until Further Notice

News just broke that MLS will be suspending its season until further notice.

There will be no games this weekend, including our own against the Chicago Fire. It's the smartest decision the league could make at this time. The Coronavirus is here and we have to take the correct measures to stop the spread. It'll be interesting to see how the league season pans out after they resume play. Will there be a 2 week preseason period to allow players to get back to full fitness? Will every team be able to reschedule every game? What happens if this lasts longer than a few weeks? These are just some of the many questions that the league will have to ask themselves over the coming days. I have to run to work but I'll be discussing more on this topic soon.

UPDATE: It looks as though the targeted length is 30 days, via Inter Miami managing owner Jorge Mas.

'Til next time, this has been Gavin Rushnell and #VamosOrlando

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