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  • Gavin Rushnell

Minnesota 1 - 1 Orlando Match Report

This is really getting old. That's Chicago, Portland, Philadelphia, Toronto, and now Minnesota where we have given up a goal in the last 15 minutes. It's depressing. Very depressing. I'm sick and tired of us having 3 points in our hands and allowing them to slip through our grasp. If we win even 2 of those games, we have 4 more points and are sitting in 5th, tied with NYRB. Instead, we find ourselves outside the playoffs with Atlanta, San Jose, and LAFC still to come. It's still a very positive result, one that I would've taken at the beginning of the game but we had the win in our sights and we lost it. That's what makes it so disappointing. Let's look at how the game unfolded.

Game Review

The first half was all Minnesota. We had a few chances here and there but found ourselves lucky not to concede a couple times. Kamal Miller's hand definitely blocked a cross in the box and I'm still not sure how VAR didn't deem it a penalty. Then Minnesota had a golden opportunity but Brian Rowe dove to his right to save a close range shot from Darwin Quintero. Our best chance came through Robinho but the pace on the cross was too much for the Brazilian and his shot went well wide. The half ended 0-0 which is exactly what we wanted, it just happened in lucky fashion.

The second half was much better from the Lions. We kept possession well and really controlled the opening 15 minutes. That was thanks to some quick tactical changes from JOC (making the team stay more compact) and the introduction of debutant Mauricio Pereyra. Unfortunately, we barely created anything from this possession. The only chance was from a Nani cross to Dwyer who took way too heavy of a touch and the chance disappeared. Minnesota United then came back at us and formed a couple chances including a close shot from Lod that forced a save of the week contender from Brian Rowe. We then turned nothing into something when Akindele played Nani in with a beautifully weighted through ball and he was taken down from behind in the box. Nani scored the ensuing penalty and our hopes of a surprise away win went through the roof. After the goal, we actually did really well and kept them away from our goal with some great hold up play. Our hopes were soon dashed after a goal that really came from nothing. A long throw in was headed on by Opara and the block off Jansson fell to Danladi and he slotted home the rebound. In the last minute of the game, we had a penalty correctly called off because Tesho was offside in the build up. The game ended and both teams left with a point.


Player Ratings

Rowe - 10/10 MOTM

Smith - 6/10

Sane - 7/10

Jansson - 7/10

Miller - 7/10

Mendez - 6/10

Johnson - 5/10

Nani - 6/10

Robinho - 5/10

Dwyer - 4/10

Michel - 6/10


Pereyra - 6/10

Akindele - 7/10

Ascues - 6/10

It was another match of great overall performances with one or two average ones thrown in their. Nobody was really at fault for the goal asit was just another freak bounce in the box. Rowe was perfect for me today and he really kept us in the match so he gets a 10/10 and MOTM from me. Let me know your thoughts on the match @oclionsblog on Twitter and Instagram.

'Til next time, this has been Gavin Rushnell and #VamosOrlando.

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