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  • Gavin Rushnell

January Mailbag

I felt like doing another "mailbag" as I really enjoyed the last one I did and there is plenty to discuss. Let's get into your guys' questions.

"Midfield seems a bit crowded. You think these players will make up for lack of goals?" (torres_since87 on Instagram)

Hey Angel. For me, I actually think we need one more midfielder. In the CDM role, we have Urso, Mendez, Uri, and Perea as credible starters. Even that is asking a lot out of 19-year-old Perea. My concern is, what happens if Mendez is on international duty and Urso or Uri is injured? In that situation, we have to throw in Perea or play Pereyra in a deeper role. Having that one extra man who can contribute would make me feel better. Who knows, maybe that person is Joey DeZart but historically players out of college struggle to make it in MLS.

As for whether the players in midfield will make up for lack of goals, I believe yes. Urso had 7 for Corinthians in 53 games, which is decent for a midfielder. I believe he could be that extra man in the box that finds himself in front of goal, similar to Ascues against Atlanta last season. The difference comes with his quality in front of goal, something I think he will have more of. We should also be getting some goals from Antonio Carlos as he seems to be a threat from set-pieces, something that I wanted Sane to be but was surprisingly poor at.

Thanks for your question!

"Of our new signings, who do you think will have the biggest impact this season?" (henryp321on Instagram)

Hey Henry. Out of our official signings, I think it will be Antonio Carlos. We signed him on a loan with an option to buy so he will be looking to impress. In addition to that, the option to buy is reportedly $2,000,000 so our front office must be very high considering we agreed to that potential fee. It was also released that he is above the limit and will be a TAM player for us. With all of that in mind, I think he will come into our already strong defense and fill that last hole that needed filling. I'm very excited to see how he does this season.

Now, should we sign Alex Castro or Pedro Gallese (it's looking like we will for both) that question becomes ten times harder. Castro will be a dangerous threat every time he touches the ball and would free up space for our other attackers. He would also have the most visible impact as he would be having that impact in the final third. With Gallese, I believe he will have a major impact as well. He will single-handedly win us points throughout the season and that sort of impact is very important.

My final answer is Castro as our biggest issue last year was offense and if he does come in, he will make our offense a lot more dangerous.

Thanks for your question!

"Of all the players we have gotten so far, who are you most excited about and who are you putting the least amount of pressure on?" (@BlakeTR9)

Hey Blake. I have to say, Dike excites me a lot. He's big and powerful yet very good with the ball at his feet. He seems to have good vision and will no doubt look to hit the ground running. Can he hit the ground running will be the big question for him next season but I believe that he can.

The player I am giving the least amount of pressure is Andrs Perea. He is only 19 and anything above bench minutes will be a success for him this season. Perea is still an unknown quantity but I doubt he forces his way past Uri, Urso, and Mendez to get that starting spot and I wouldn't pressure him to do so.

Thanks for your questions.

"Vasco and Alex's status" (@KeithM_real)

Hey Keith. I find the whole Vasco news funny as he wouldn't have had any issues had he joined with us but he knew what he was getting into. I wonder if he is regretting his decision or not. Oh well, we've already moved on.

As for Alex Castro, I have reason to believe that it is just a matter of time before he ends up with Orlando City. I am extremely confident that he will be here next season.

Thanks for your questions.

'Til next time, this has been Gavin Rushnell and #VamosOrlando.

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