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  • Gavin Rushnell

Daily Update: 12/9/2019

BIG DAY lads. Lots of news so let's not mess about.

Orlando Announces Exits of Nine Players

Sacha Kljestan

Dillon Powers

Cristian Higuita

Cam Lindley

Adam Grinwis

Carlos Ascues

Shane O'Neill

Will Johnson

Lamine Sane

Thank you for your time in Orlando and we wish you all the best!

Although we knew most of these guys would not be returning, this news confirms that we will not be negotiating new contracts with Sane or Lindley (the 2 players I thought we would attempt to re-sign). This news also confirms that we have a TON of cap room to work with. In total, this gives us 3.76 million dollars to work with in base salary. I cannot wait to see what we do with it.

Andres Perea

The first signing of the season has been announced. The 19-year-old Colombian has joined Orlando City and will be looking to make a big enough impact to stay with the team next season. Although he is Colombian, he was born in Tampa which means he will not take up an international slot due to his dual nationality. The deal (as previously reported) is a loan with an option to buy at the end of next season. As I've said before, I love this type of deal. It's basically a year-long trial and we have the ability to choose whether we want to keep him or not at the end of it. Here's to hoping it works out and, of course, welcome Andres!

David Loera

A couple of hours after Perea was announced, Orlando surprised everyone and announced the signing of David Loera. An exciting prospect, I expect to see him given a reserve role in the team. He will probably play as much as Dillon Powers or Santiago Patino did last year. He's been around the club for a while and he is another name to add to the growing list of young stars who could blossom into stars at this club. I don't know anything about him, but one thing I noticed was that he is 5'5. He will not only have to show the coaching staff in training that he is capable technically, but also physically. We're all rooting for you David!

'Til next time, this has been Gavin Rushnell and #VamosOrlando

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