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  • Gavin Rushnell

Daily Update: 12/19/2019

I'm loving all of this, guys. It is yet another busy day for Orlando news and rumors. Let's break it all down.

German Cano (Telemedellin)

I'm getting really tired of writing updates about Cano. I know his agent is trying to get the most money for his client and himself but pick a team already. Jeez. Anyways, Pareja was on Telemedellin for an interview and basically said that the Cano discussions were still ongoing and they are centered around "the finer details," A.K.A. MONEY. With every other club in South America wanting him and the reported fact that he wants to be in a competitive league next season, our chances of signing the 31-year-old are dwindling by the day. I'll keep my hopes up but man it's looking unlikely.

MLS Fixtures Released (

This year's fixtures have been released and Orlando City has found themselves very lucky. As we all know, each team will not play 3 teams from the opposite conference next season due to Garber wanting to add more teams (so he can get more money) but not more games. It's fucking stupid. I won't get started right now but a rant is coming to a podcast near you. Anyways, we got very lucky and got out of playing the defending Supporter Shield Champions (LAFC) AND the defending MLS Cup Champions (Seattle). We will also skip San Jose next season, a team we lost to 3-0 last season. If we're going to miss games against teams, we might as well miss those teams.

Junior Urso (Fox Sports Brazil, highlights:

The biggest news today is that we are after Junior Urso. He is a 30-year-old central midfielder who currently plays for Corinthians. We have reportedly offered Corinthians an $880k transfer fee. The report states that Corinthians might accept the offer because they owe Urso money. What a surprise. The report goes on to say that Urso would agree to the deal because the money that goes to Corinthians would have to go towards the money that is owed to him. He would also like the length of the contract reportedly offered, which would be 3 years. The last interesting thing about the report is that we would be getting him for less than his market price due to Corinthian's financial problems. That is certainly not a bad thing. In terms of playstyle, he seems like a strong runner in the midfield who can pick out a pass. I think this would be a very good piece of business to strengthen our midfield and would be happy to see him join the squad.

'Til next time, this has been Gavin Rushnell and #VamosOrlando.

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