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Daily Update: 12/17/2019

Lots and lots to write about today. Let's get straight into it.

Diego Braghieri (Via @CamiloAN_27)

This one is definitely one of those far-fetched rumors. Basically someone posted on Twitter about an Argentinian going to Orlando. One of his followers asked if it was Braghieri (a 32-year-old CB) and he responded with "🤔 🤭." When I said Braghieri to Orlando City, he responded with "possibly." If he were to come, he'd most likely be used in the middle of a back three. He was used there under Pareja when he wasn't at LCB. We already have Jansson and Miller at that position so I believe that if he were to come in, it would show Pareja's intent to shift to a back three. There are some doubts about this happening and tonight's rumors have furthered those doubts.

Antonio Carlos (Via @Tossiro)

These are the fresh rumors from tonight. Antonio Carlos, a 26-year-old CB from Palmeiras, is rumored to be joining Orlando City on loan for next season. It does not seem that there will be an option to buy but there will be a reported $491k loan fee. It also seems that the Palmeiras fans would be happy to see him leave, with a few responding to the original tweet with "thank you Orlando City" or "today is a great day." I'm not too happy with this deal to be honest. If fans are thanking us for taking him, then he must have some sort of serious problem that the fans do not like. If he has problems, I don't want us wasting $491k on someone who might not work out for us. Plus, if he were to work out for us we wouldn't have the option to buy, therefore we'd have to negotiate a transfer fee next season. All around I'm not happy too with the deal.

German Cano (Via @JuanG_Arango)

Today a respected reporter on Twitter came out and said that Gremio entered into the race to sign Cano and would have the financial capability to compete with Orlando City. The reporter then went on to say "there are some offers on the table for him." The signing is looking less and less likely by the day.

Dom Dwyer (Via @TransfersMLS)

The rumor is that Dom would be traded to Minnesota United. A source reportedly told @TransfersMLS that Dom would be going to Minnesota and details of the trade would come out "later." In a conversation with the owner of the account, he relayed to me that this is the same source that told him about Pareja to Orlando City and the Cavallini to Vancouver announcement being on Monday. A couple of notable reporters in @_jacobschneider and the well-known @GavinEwbank have come out and quashed the rumors due to the unlikelihood of Dom agreeing to the trade (which he must do because of the no-trade clause) due to his family being located in Orlando. We will see what happens in the coming days/weeks.

Wow, that was a lot. Hopefully something will be announced tomorrow.

'Til next time, this has been Gavin Rushnell and #VamosOrlando

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