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  • Gavin Rushnell

Daily Update:11/28/2019

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I hope you are enjoying your family time. I also hope you are enjoying the off-season so far. We've made a multitude of moves so far, most of which you've already heard my thoughts on. Today, I'll be discussing the recent Alan Pulido rumors and yesterday's news about the re-signing of Alex DeJohn and Mason Stajduhar.

Alan Pulido Rumors

The most recent update came today from orlandocitycentral on Instagram. Here's the post:

His take on it is pretty spot on. When clubs are in negotiations, they aren't really going to comment. I asked a source about the Lindley and Sane situations and I received the same response. It basically just makes us speculate over what it can mean. Alan Pulido is a 28-year-old (would be 29 at the start of next season) Mexican ST who is starting to enter his prime. Lots of fans seem excited by this transfer. This most recent season has been far and away his best, scoring 12 goals and 1 assist in 18 appearances. I would be pretty optimistic about this signing (should it come to fruition). He looks like the type of player who would take MLS by storm and slot home 14-18 goals, maybe even 20 with Nani and Pereyra providing chances for him. We can only hope it is us who picks him up and not San Jose, who is also rumored to be after him.

Alex DeJohn and Mason Stajduhar News

Not much to say on this bit of news. It's smart decision-making to get DeJohn and Stajduhar back on cheaper deals, but I'm not really sure we need 3 left footed CB's. I liked him but his preferred side is definitely down the left or in the middle of a 3. With Miller and Jansson ahead of him in the pecking order, it seems unnecessary to have him return. As for Stajduhar, he most likely got moved to a reserve contract and with OCB becoming a reserve system again, we will most likely see him get some game time down there to try to impress and regain some of that form that saw us bring him in in the first place.

I hope you guys liked the first-ever post of the new "Daily Update" series. Let me know your thoughts on my thoughts and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

'Til next time, this has been Gavin Rushnell and #VamosOrlando

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