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  • Gavin Rushnell

Daily Update: 1/14/2020

More exciting news today. I apologize for another late update but I don't get paid enough to do this for a living.

Alex Castro (@VBarCaracol)

The same reporters as yesterday have come out and said that the transfer of Alex Castro to Orlando City should be defined. Basically, that means we will learn even more news tomorrow but all signs are pointing towards a transfer happening. The player wants to be here and has expressed it publicly. The only complication seems to be that the President of Deportivo Cali seems to be holding out for $1.5 million but I think that is just him trying to look ruthless in the public. I have a VERY good feeling about Castro coming to Orlando City.

Shane O'Neill (@SoundersFC)

It was announced today that former Orlando City CB Shane O'Neill has signed with the reigning MLS Champions Seattle Sounders. All the best Shane!

James O'Connor (@loucityfc)

Amidst all of yesterday's chaos, I missed the news that our former boss James O'Connor has returned to his former club Louisville City, but this time as the Executive Vice President of Development. All the best James!

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