Hello! I am Gavin Rushnell and I am the creator of the OC Lions Blog. I started the blog back in June of 2019 and revamped the website in February of 2020. I am also the host of the OC Lions Blog Podcast along with my co-hosts Daniel and Chase.

My love for Orlando City began back in 2015 when I heard that a professional team would be starting in Orlando. As an avid Arsenal fan since 2010, you can probably assume how excited I was to have a local team to support.

That support has stayed strong throughout the years and has grown immensely. So much so that I decided to spend hours on end covering the team for free.

Some of my favorite memories so far include the goals that earned us the name "The Cardiac Cats" and last season's "Running of the Wall." While I don't have a favorite player, I am really taking a liking to Junior Urso and if he has a solid start to the season, expect to see me in an Urso jersey in the near future.